What are my Pharmacy Benefits?

ProCare Rx administers Brenau’s pharmacy benefit. ProCare Member services can be contacted at 800-699-3542.

Listed below are your Retail Copays for a 30-day supply*

  • Tier 1 Generic Drugs: $10 copay *
  • Tier 2 Preferred Drugs: $30 copay*
  • Tier 3 Non-Preferred Drugs: $50 copay*

Please remember if you are enrolled in the High Deductible Health Plan (HDHP), your pharmacy copays will not apply until you have reached your plan deductible. For HDHP members, you have one deductible for medical and pharmacy combined.

Non-Preferred Pharmacies: Walgreens, Rite Aid, Sam’s, Target, Walmart and CVS are non-preferred pharmacies. While you can still use these pharmacies if you wish, please note 90-day refills are not available at non-preferred pharmacies. For 90-day prescriptions, you can use ProCare’s mail order home delivery service or a preferred pharmacy location. You can find a preferred location on the ProCare Rx member portal.

Have you registered on the ProCare Rx member portal? The pharmacy portal is a great resource to help you find the cost-effective pharmacy benefit option based on your individual prescription needs. You can use this tool to:

  • Find out formulary information such as copay tier placement, pre-authorization requirements and cost-saving alternatives for any medications you or your family are currently taking
  • Locate pharmacies with preferred network status

To register go to memberaccess.procarerx.com. You will need you medical ID card to complete the information necessary to register.

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