Who is EBMS (Employee Benefit Management Services)?

EBMS is a Third-Party Administrator, or a company that provides health plan administrative services such as claims processing and employee benefits management for Brenau University. EBMS is acting in the same capacity as Brenau’s former TPA, Cigna. The biggest difference between EBMS and Cigna is that EBMS is an independent organization whereas Cigna is part of an insurance carrier.

Your insurance coverage works as it did before. Your plans still work the same and you still have an open access plan. You may go to any provider, medical facility or pharmacy as usual. However, it is very important that you give your new insurance card. Once you have presented your new ID card, your medical provider will call EBMS to verify coverage. EBMS Customer Service is 866-326-7574.

Have you registered on the miBenefits portal or downloaded the miBenefits mobile app? Make sure you register on the miBenefits portal at www.ebms.com and click on Login at the top of the screen or download the miBenefits mobile app available for Apple and Android.

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