Windows 10 computer upgrades and replacements

Now that we have reached the new budget year and budgets have been made available, the IT Department will begin a phased process of purchasing and deploying new computers to those designated to receive them. There is no need to contact the IT Department about when you will be getting your replacement. Once we have a computer ready, we will contact you to let you know. Due to security and compliance reasons, you must turn in your old computer at the time that you receive the new one.

Anyone who still needs to have their computers upgraded will need to continue to turn them in to Greg White at the Library Helpdesk, or schedule a time for the IT department to pick them up. The IT department will pick up desktop computers if you are not able to disconnect them and bring them to the helpdesk at the library. You can email ude.uanerb@ksedpleh to set up a time for them to be picked up. We are still hoping to keep the time for upgrades to a week, however replacements are now taking priority until they are completed.

Back-up files
Please note that you must back up any documents and files stored on your computer before an upgrade or replacement. The IT department will not be able to do this for you due to time constraints. We recommend that all files be moved to your Google Drive via Drive File Stream since they are automatically backed up when stored there.

Please click the link below for guidance on backing up your documents and files to Google Drive File Stream.