Dr. Irma Alvarado, alumna Amy Todd present at conference

Amy Todd, class of 2008, and Dr. Irma Alvarado, professor in the school of Occupational Therapy, presented a “Virtual Lighting Talk” session at Twelfth Global Studies Conference held Friday, June 28, at Jagiellonian University in Krakow, Poland.

The conference has a special focus on “The ‘End of History’ 30 Years On: Globalization Then and Now.” Todd and Alvarado’s topic was titled Global Occupational Therapy: Yes, It Can Be Sustainable. It highlighted Brenau University’s School of Occupational Therapy, which has sent 19 students to Merida, Yucatan, in Mexico for level-two fieldwork experiences.

They shared how planning for fieldwork placements with practitioners in Merida and preparing students for culturally relevant practice allows a deeper understanding of occupational therapy.

“With increased global mobility, the U.S. is a rapidly changing cultural community, and this includes health beliefs,” Todd and Alvarado found in their presentation. “The health care system needs to respond to the different values in order to achieve holistic health for those who partake in services. This has resulted in a sustainable partnership with many facilities in the Yucatan in which students gain cultural awareness and knowledge of the role disability plays in a person’s life and community.”