Students invited to Join Brenau’s Nursing Honor Society

The Nu Gamma chapter of Sigma Theta Tau International Nursing Honor Society would like to recognize the nursing students who have met the rigorous criteria for invitation into this prestigious nursing honor society. Each of the students listed have achieved academic excellence and rank in the top 35 percent of their graduating class. They also meet the expectation of academic integrity as well as professionalism and leadership. Congratulations!

Full-time BSN students:
Katherine Greer
Alyssa Ditty
Allie Duck
Amanda Cabe
Amanda Bowersox
Miranda Dressel
Katelyn Turner
Lauren Lebeda
Sara Simmons
Lauren Bearden
Kayla Priest

Part-time BSN students:
Cindy Camp
Ava Gunby
Juan Cuevas
Chelsey Barrett
Grace O’Kelley
Toni Moore
Michelle Emmorey
Melissa Wales

Graduate nursing students:
Sonya Boags
Nazifa Cultarevic
Courtaney Johnson
Svetlana Kozlova
Jessia Smith
Julie Tiegs
Sandeep Singh
Millie Alexander
Katelyn Goodwin
Danielle Hill
Courtney Voss
Christine Wilson
Amartha Ogburu
Heather Higgins
Yosefa Stokes
Oya Yildirim
LaToya Evans