Receive reimbursements via Direct Deposit

As most of you are already aware, the business office has partnered with a Richmond based firm, Paymerang, to offer direct deposit of expense reimbursements and other payments (other than payroll) to employees.

In order to begin receiving payments by direct deposit, you must enroll your bank information with Paymerang. This enrollment process is completed through a simple, secure and confidential site so that your banking information remains protected. You will need to have your bank account and routing numbers available when enrolling.

This enrollment applies solely to expense reimbursement payments. All expense reports/check requests should be completed, approved and submitted for payment, according to existing guidelines.

Attached are step-by-step instructions and screenshots of the process you will need to complete.

If you are interested in signing up for this, please provide your name, email address and cell phone number, which is needed in order to send you a verification code during enrollment, on the Google Form at The list will be submitted to Paymerang next Friday, March 22.

You will then receive an enrollment email from moc.gnaremyap@snoitacifiton to start the enrollment process. Once you receive that email, please be sure to complete the enrollment within five days, or the link will expire.

If you have any questions about the direct deposit process or need assistance enrolling, please email Paymerang’s support team at moc.gnaremyap@troppuS. If you have general questions about the process, please don’t hesitate to contact Toby Hinton.

Enrollment in direct deposit is not required. If you wish to continue receiving these payments by check, no action is required.

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  1. UPDATE: You can only sign-up for direct deposit if you are already in Paymerang’s system (ie. you have received an expense reimbursement check in the mail). If you have not yet received a reimbursement, you can still provide your information, so they will be able to contact you, if you do anticipate receiving expense reimbursements at sometime in the future. However, you will not be contacted by them unless, and until, you have an amount to be paid to you. I apologize for any confusion.

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