The MotivateMe Program within Brenau’s Wellness Program

Through Cigna’s MotivateMe Program, Brenau provides you with financial rewards for the healthy actions you take. The goal is to keep you motivated to get your annual checkup, know your key health numbers and, ultimately, take control of your health.

Below are some of the simple activities you can complete to start earning rewards.

  1. Get your annual preventive checkup. 
    Your annual preventive checkup can help catch health issues before they become more serious. Cigna medical plans cover annual checkups at 100 percent when received from an in-network physician.
  2. Complete your online health assessment. 
    The online health assessment is an easy-to-answer, online questionnaire that provides a snapshot of your health and recommends steps for improvement. It takes very little time to complete.

Refer to the dark gold-colored activities on the Wellness Planner (PDF) for all the events you can do to be rewarded with a gift card through the MotivateMe Program. Refer to the attached Web User Guide (PDF) for additional information and instructions on how to get started.