Brenau to operate new Business Incubator at Brenau University

Brenau University will effectively July 1 acquire the former Manufacturing Development Center, an entity of Lanier Technical College at Featherbone Communiversity, and operate the new Business Incubator at Brenau University.

“We at Brenau University are appreciative of the robust foundation Lanier Technical College established for this center,” said President Ed Schrader. “Our vision for what will be known as the Business Incubator at Brenau University is to create maximum opportunity for business and education partnerships addressing complex ideas and information and discovering innovative applications of technology, best practices and creative trends in business formation, wealth building and job creation. These entrepreneurial efforts ultimately will all support the economic development of Gainesville and Hall County, Georgia.”

Brenau will partner with Lanier Tech and continue to offer shared resources through the incubator. The Manufacturing Development Center served as a business incubator and accelerator through providing clients rental space, and access to business management resources since 2007.

Schrader said the mission of the Business Incubator at Brenau University will be to provide direct assistance to small and startup companies in the establishment of their business enterprise in a rapidly changing world. The incubator is made possible as a result of the successful $40 million ForeverGold campaign.