Brenau Trustee to Retire 80-Year-Owned Family Business

Saul’s, the family-owned retail ladies’ clothing and ladies’ and children’s shoe business that has been a fixture on the Gainesville square since 1939, will retire with the owners, Brenau trustee Lorry Schrage and his wife Sherrie, following an open-to-the-public sale of its remaining merchandise. The sale begins Monday, Feb. 5.

The Schrages have run the business since the 1970s, but believe now is the right time to say goodbye to the retail industry.

“Sherrie and I simply want to retire,” said Lorry Schrage. “With no children who could lead Saul’s through the changes occurring throughout the retail industry, the timing is right. We hope to watch another business venture begin which will one day become an institution as Saul’s has been and that will enjoy the kind of success we have enjoyed for the next 80 years.”

The Schrages, already involved in myriad community and public service activities, said their retirement will provide them with time to pursue their passions, including continued work in supporting health care, education, the arts and viability of the downtown core of Gainesville.