Join the Gainesville Campus Weight Watchers Group

Are you interested in joining a Weight Watchers group on the Gainesville historic campus during your lunch break so you can still leave campus at your normal time?

The program covers the cost of 17 weeks, plus three free additional weeks, for $186 per person. That works out to $9.30 per week, per person. The program is 20 weeks and meets once a week during lunch on the Gainesville campus. We need 20 people in order to get the group started, so ask a friends or family member to come join you.

Anyone who joins or who can show they are already in a Weight Watchers group elsewhere will receive five activity points toward the Wellness Activity Award, a cash prize at the end of the year.

If interested please contact Kelley Maddox at ude.uanerb@xoddamk ASAP.