Help Brenau Conserve Energy

Winter in the South is the perfect time to save a little money on the power bill, and we can do that at work too!

Some energy-saving tips from Georgia Power that you can apply at home and at the office include:

  • Turn off lights when leaving the room or when unnecessary
  • Unplug computers and equipment over weekends and holidays
  • Wear appropriate clothing for the season and lower the thermostat​
  • Avoid using overhead florescent lighting when task lighting is available
  • Open curtains, shades or windows ​blinds ​on sunny days
  • Make sure the damper is closed on any working but unused fireplaces
  • Know that each degree decrease on the thermostat in the winter is a 3 percent to 4 percent decrease in energy use.

Georgia Power has notified customers of changes in power bills related to the construction costs at the Savannah River nuclear power plant that begin in January. Brenau will see about a 5.6 percent increase in ​its power bill in ​2018. We ask our faculty, staff and students to take ​on sustainability efforts and conserve​ energy across all campuses, and not just for the sake of a ​rising ​bill.