New Payroll System Moves to Biweekly Pay Schedule

As Dr. David Barnett, executive vice president and chief financial officer, announced at the faculty and staff meeting Tuesday morning, Brenau will soon move to an ADP payroll processing system beginning Oct. 1.

This system means both salaried employees, who are currently paid monthly, and hourly employees, who are currently paid weekly, will soon be paid every two weeks.

For salaried employees, the new system start Friday, Oct. 6, when they receive their first paycheck. Hourly employees will see the change the following week, on Friday, Oct. 13. Also for hourly employees, the work week will no longer be recorded as Tuesday through Monday, but will reflect the standard work week of Monday through Friday.

The new payroll system should also simplify the relevant paperwork process. All employees will have an online employee portal, where they will record their time, make time-off requests and view their benefits.

Dr. Barnett also said “sick time” will become “wellness time” to reflect a more versatile and applicable use of those hours.

All employees will receive training on the new system in the coming months. Please check Update for more information from Kelley Maddox regarding these changes.