StaffChat: Allen Phillips, Assistant Director for Admissions Operations

Allen Phillips, assistant director for Admissions Operations, came to Brenau nearly nine years ago seeking an office job and found the perfect fit.

When asked what the assistant director for admissions operations does, Phillips jokes that he does “everything.”

“I do a lot of the troubleshooting whenever there are issues with applications, documents being processed, really any kind of processing issues,” Phillips said. “I also act as a contact for the adult and graduate studies office. My office is operations, so we process all their documents. Any time there are problems with student records or something like that, I resolve those issues.”

Born in Forsyth County but raised in Gainesville, Phillips said he’s spent nearly his entire life in Hall County. He graduated from then-Gainesville State College, now the University of North Georgia Gainesville campus. He started at Brenau in July 2008 in the admissions office and hasn’t left since.

He came to Brenau at the suggestion of his cousin, Christina White, who works in the adult and graduate studies office.

“She mentioned there was a job opening for a data processor,” he said. “I was looking generally for an office job at that point, but the role was really what I wanted to do. It just really worked out that I was able to start at an entry level position and grow since then.”

Phillips said his favorite thing about his job is the amount of problem solving.

“My days are never the same,” he said. “I’ll have issues come up, and I get to figure out what happened and how we correct it.”

He lives in Gainesville with his wife, Becky, and the couple owns a dog and three cats.