Second Annual PsychOUT! Was a Success

On Friday, Feb. 10, approximately 200 Advanced Placement students from local high schools visited Brenau University for a special screening of Experimenter: The Stanley Milgram Story. The movie is a unique portrayal of Milgram’s famous obedience experiment and the fall-out about the ethics of the experiment. The visiting students enjoyed the movie, with many even applauding at the end.

After the movie, the students participated in a variety of activities that demonstrate various psychology-related concepts including a “drunk goggles” obstacle course, virtual dementia tour, simple tasks while wearing inversion goggles, a neuroscience demonstration of brain motor commands, the “rubber hand” illusion and the hearing voices experience.

The event stems from ideas generated by the Brenau-Behavioral Analysis Club lead by Professor Perry Daughtry. The successful implementation of PsychOUT! can only be done through the efforts of the Brenau Admissions Department, with active involvement from the psychology faculty, students in the clinical counseling master’s program and the members of B-BAC.