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Subscription to the Brenau Update is mandatory for all employees with a brenau.edu email account as the primary part of a risk management and disaster planning program. Brenau Update is the primary organ of university-wide news including changes to HR policy, benefits, payroll, security, employee giving and general news.

Your post will be looked at as edited as necessary prior to posting. If any substantive changes are made we will contact you for approval.

Policy for Classified Advertising in Update

The Brenau University Office of Communications & Publications, for the convenience of faculty and staff, occasionally will publish classified advertising announcements in the faculty and staff newsletter, Brenau Update, under the following conditions:

  1.  The advertising must be for personal purposes of individual faculty, staff and students of Brenau University.
    1. PERMITTED USES include, for example, the sale of personal or household property or items owned by the employee or members of the employee’s immediate family; rental or sale of real estate owned by the employee or a member of the employee’s immediate family; vacation or recreational property sale or rental of property owned by the employee and/or spouse; personal announcements such as births, deaths, baptism, bar mitzvah or bat mitzvah, graduations or family accomplishments; notice of personal accomplishments of the employee;
    2. NON-PERMITTED USES include, for example, advertising or promotion of a business or business activity; materials of an overtly evangelical political or religious nature; sale or rental of property; obscene or distasteful information; notices of fund-raising activities
      by school groups, scouting, band, sports or other booster organizations not related to Brenau; petition drives; frivolous materials or information related to online gaming; gambling offers and transactions; any sort of illegal advertising or advertising for illegal activities;
  2.  The advertising must not abuse university resources, such as e-mail, telephone or routine business operation. I.e., transactions as a result of the advertising should be conducted outside of normal business hours using personal resources, such as personal e-mail, texting or telephone.
  3. Content of the ad must not exceed 100 words.
  4. Publication will be subject to approval of the Office of Communications & Publications.
  5. Those placing advertising or responding to advertising must hold the university harmless for any liability related to the advertising or any transactions stemming therefrom.

Social Media Submissions

Submissions for Brenau University social media will be considered by social media committee staff for posting on official pages and profiles including, but not limited to the main university, admissions, alumni and athletics accounts. Submissions may be posted to platforms including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter.

All submissions will be considered and edited as appropriate by social media committee staff. We will contact if any substantive changes are made.

Possible pages and profiles for posting include:

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