Pending Payroll Changes Delayed

Due to Hurricane Irma and other factors outside of our control, we have decided to postpone our conversion to ADP to the end of October.  HR will share more information regarding dates for upcoming trainings at a later time. In the meantime, you will continue to be paid on your regularly scheduled weekly or monthly payroll cycles.

The new conversion dates are as follows:

Last monthly payroll with Brenau: Oct. 13
First salary payroll with ADP: Nov. 3

Last weekly payroll with Brenau: Oct. 27
First hourly payroll with ADP: Nov. 10

Adjuncts outside of Georgia are approved to work except for those who live in Ohio, Washington, North Dakota and Wyoming. At this point we are not eligible to use candidates who reside in these states.

Thirty free flu shots still available

Thirty free flu shots are still available for faculty and staff. Shots will be given starting on Wednesday, Sept. 6 in the Health & Well-Being Center on the Gainesville historic campus.

The free shots will be given on a first-come, first-serve basis, provided by Cigna, as part of our Wellness Program.

Any employee receiving the flu shot will be awarded with 1 activity point toward the Wellness Participation Award. Email Health Services at to sign up for your free shot today.

Questions About the Payroll Switch?

Do you have question about Brenau’s switch to the ADP Payroll system? HR and Payroll has put together a PDF FAQ. Download it at

Wellness Participation Award

Brenau’s Wellness Program, funded by Cigna, is designed to support healthy behavior in the workplace and to improve health outcomes. Our program includes activities during the year which relate to being “healthy,” physically, mentally, financially, emotionally, etc.

Employees receive points for each activity or program they participate in. Points are added to the Activity Tracker, maintained by Human Resources, and are used to determine recipients for periodic special awards. During the Open Enrollment meeting in November, a name will be drawn from those who have accumulated Activity Tracker points; the more points you accumulate, the greater chance you have of winning the cash prize.

Upcoming Events Include:

  • Heart Walk: September 9 (2 points)
  • Flu Shots: September (1 point)
  • Self Defense Class: October 10 (2 points)
  • Kickin’ Cancer Kickball: October 14 (3 points)
  • Heath Fair/Benefits Expo: November (1 point)

Should you have questions, please contact Kelley Maddox at

Updated Parental Leave Policy, effective 9/1/2017

This new PARENTAL LEAVE policy which will be added to the FSG effective 9/1/2017.

Brenau University is a family-friendly employer and wishes to promote parental bonding with new children whenever practical through parental leave. Parental leave that is approved is available for up to a maximum of twelve (12) weeks. This policy does not mandate the full use of the parental leave available to employees nor obligate the University to approve all parental leave requests. This leave may be granted if reasonable notice is provided to the university and an appropriate temporary, substitute employee for the requested period of time can be secured. Supervisors may contact the Office of Human Resources to discuss temporary assistance during the absence of the Brenau employee when considering leave requests.


Employees classified as half-time or more who have been employed by Brenau University for a minimum of twelve (12) continuous months are eligible to apply Parental leave for the birth or adoption of a child. In the case of adoption, the child must:

  1. Reside in the same residence as the employee,
  2. Have been a legal member of the family for six months or less, and
  3. Be sixteen (16) years of age or less at the time of the adoption.


  1. Each employee may be granted one (1) parental leave benefit during his/her tenure with the University.
  2. If both parents work for the University, each parent’s application stands alone. Therefore, both parents can request leave, but each must apply separately and approval must be granted separately.
  3. Approved parental leave will not exceed 12 weeks. In the cases of serious medical conditions of the mother or child additional, accrued wellness leave may be requested after the completion of the parental leave. Parental leave and disability leave (often associated with FMLA absences with the birth of a child) run concurrently.
  4. University holidays that fall within approved periods of parental leave run concurrent with the parental leave. Any holiday which falls within the leave period will not extend the maximum allowable twelve (12) weeks.
  5. Parental leave must begin on the date of the child’s birth or adoption and cannot be reserved for use at a later time.
  6. Employees may be asked to submit a doctor’s statement with detailed information at any time in addition to completing the request to use paternity leave form.
  7. Faculty requesting parental leave will not be responsible for their instructional work load during the leave period.

Payroll Implications:

  1. During the scheduled parental leave, the employee will be paid at 70% of their regular base earnings. After returning to work for two consecutive weeks, the employee is eligible to be paid the previously withheld 30% of base earnings. Should the employee not return to work after the approved leave period ends, the previously withheld 30% of earnings will be forfeited. Holidays falling within the leave period will also be paid at the reduced rate with the balance being paid after the return to work for the two-week obligation.
  2. Employees must gain approval of Parental leave 60 days in advance of the leave and submit time records to the Payroll Office before leaving campus to ensure pay is not interrupted.

Wellness Program Offering October Self Defense Class

Brenau’s Wellness Program is sponsoring a Basic Self Defense Class on the Gainesville campus at 5 p.m. Tuesday, Oct. 10, in Fitness Center room 108. The class will last an hour and will include limited physical movement.

Each employee who registers and participates will receive two activity points toward the Wellness Participation Award plus receive a gift for being involved in the class.

Participants should wear comfortable athletic wear and tennis shoes.

The class can accommodate up to 20 employees, so it will be filled on a first-come, first-served basis. Be one of the first 20 to sign up by emailing Kelley Maddox at

Register for e2Campus System

Brenau University has an emergency notification system that enables the school to send urgent news to you in the form of text, email and voice messages at no cost, except for any text messaging charges from your cell phone plan.

The e2Campus service is available to all current students, faculty, and staff. All Brenau students are required to register to ensure they receive emergency notifications such as closures for national emergency, weather, etc. Faculty and staff are also encouraged to register. Once you sign up for the service, the school will be able to contact you with timely information about critical events on or near your respective campus.

To learn more or to sign up, visit or find it in the Popular Places menu on the Brenau Intranet. Click “sign up” to create and account and start receiving updates.

Please keep the following in mind when you sign up for the e2Campus service:

  • When you first sign up, your account is verified by sending a code to your cell phone via a text message. If you would prefer to register using an email address, just click the “Click here to sign up using email only” link at the bottom of the sign-up page.
  • Maintaining your e2Campus account data is your responsibility. If your cell number or email address changes, it is your responsibility to update them via the e2Campus system.
  • Once you create an account, please register your Brenau email address and any non-Brenau email addresses that you may use outside of the university.
  • When you sign up for the service, you will also be asked for an “opt-out date.” For students, this would the expected graduation date. Please keep in mind that you may change this date at any time.

New Payroll System Moves to Biweekly Pay Schedule

As Dr. David Barnett, executive vice president and chief financial officer, announced at the faculty and staff meeting Tuesday morning, Brenau will soon move to an ADP payroll processing system beginning Oct. 1.

This system means both salaried employees, who are currently paid monthly, and hourly employees, who are currently paid weekly, will soon be paid every two weeks.

For salaried employees, the new system start Friday, Oct. 6, when they receive their first paycheck. Hourly employees will see the change the following week, on Friday, Oct. 13. Also for hourly employees, the work week will no longer be recorded as Tuesday through Monday, but will reflect the standard work week of Monday through Friday.

The new payroll system should also simplify the relevant paperwork process. All employees will have an online employee portal, where they will record their time, make time-off requests and view their benefits.

Dr. Barnett also said “sick time” will become “wellness time” to reflect a more versatile and applicable use of those hours.

All employees will receive training on the new system in the coming months. Please check Update for more information from Kelley Maddox regarding these changes.

Chair Massage Spots available for Aug. 16

There are 15 afternoon appointments available on a first-come, first-serve basis for chair massages Wednesday, Aug. 16 on the Gainesville historic campus. Each massage lasts for 10 minutes. To claim one of the appointments please email Kelley Maddox at

Walking Group Resumes Aug. 18

Walking Group resumes on Friday, Aug. 18 on the Gainesville historic campus. Contact Kelley Maddox at to join the group. The group meets Friday afternoons at the entrance to Golden Tiger Way at 4:15 p.m.