Student Appreciation Week at North Atlanta campus

Cookies for finals

To help relieve some stress during finals week, the North Atlanta campus is treating students to free cookies and coffee. Students are invited to stop by the lobby anytime through Dec. 6 for a delicious energy boost, and we wish them good luck on their finals!

Second annual Carnival Week at the North Atlanta campus

Carnival Week table

Ice cream van at Carnival Week.With such a great turnout last year, the North Atlanta campus decided to bring back Carnival Week!

From Sept. 18-21, the North Atlanta campus celebrated its second annual Carnival Week. Brenau students and staff members were treated with carnival themed goodies, such as novelty ice cream, cotton candy and assorted popcorn.

​North Atlanta campus celebrates Flag Day


In honor of Flag Day, June 14,  the North Atlanta campus decided to put a spin on the upcoming national holiday by celebrating flags from all regions.

Staff, faculty and students are placing a sticker on the world map, showing their place of origin. Our Brenau family comes from all over the world, like New Zealand, Vietnam, Belgium, Ghana and the United States.

We’re proud to acknowledge our roots and learn more from these cultures and we are looking forward to adding more international events like this on the North Atlanta campus.

President Ed Schrader visits the Norcross campus

President Schrader talks with Margie Gill, assistant clinic director for psychology

On March 28, President Ed Schrader made his annual visit to the North Atlanta campus in Norcross, Georgia.

The visit is used as a forum for the Brenau family to voice any questions and concerns that they may have. Faculty, staff and students gathered in the atrium to enjoy great food and to listen to Schrader talk about the plans for the current and upcoming programs at the North Atlanta campus.

Breast Cancer Awareness Month at North Atlanta campus

Norcross campus wall of honor for breast cancer awareness month

Brenau’s North Atlanta campus is celebrating Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Breast cancer is the most common cancer in women; therefore, it is vital to educate ourselves about the disease. North Atlanta staff has provided the Brenau family with brochures on how to conduct breast self-examinations at home.

Additionally, to honor survivors and loved ones that have lost their battle with breast cancer, individuals are encouraged to add their names to the memory wall placed in the lobby.

Health Care Open House at North Atlanta Campus

On July 26, Brenau held its first open house for the health care programs on the Norcross campus, including the new Accelerated BSN (ABSN) program, which is scheduled to begin in January 2019 and gives students the opportunity to obtain a nursing degree in as little as 16 months. Over 25 prospective students showed up eager to learn more about the programs.

The North Atlanta campus, which is in the process of undergoing changes to accommodate the expansion of students, is enthusiastic for the commencement of the programs.

Makina Wallace Represents Brenau at Women of AT&T Career Expo

On July 26, Regional Admission Specialist Makina Wallace attended the Women of AT&T Career Expo. The mission of the expo was to inspire women to reach their career, educational and professional goals while networking with individuals in various fields.

Wallace provided information about the programs that Brenau has to offer and will continue to do so by attending future events.

We’re grateful to Wallace for representing Brenau at the Women of AT&T Career Expo!

Carnival week at the North Atlanta campus

Snacks in Norcross

From July 11-14, the North Atlanta campus is celebrating “Carnival Week.” Brenau staff are providing delicious carnival themed treats, such as kettle corn, cotton candy and specialty ice cream to students and faculty. The purpose of this week was not only to indulge in delicious treats, but also to encourage more interaction among the student body. The campus is looking forward to creating more interactive programs for the Brenau family!

Norcross staff and students during carnival week

National Poetry Month in Norcross

blackout poetry at the Norcross campus.

In recognition of National Poetry Month, the students, faculty and staff of the North Atlanta campus are creating blackout poetry, and you can too!

The steps are simple:

  1. Pick a random page from an old book.
  2. Select words or phrases that pop out to you.
  3. “Blackout” the rest of the text on the page.

People at the Norcross campus are excited to make and share their poetry and art pieces. Please feel free to check out the works next time you’re there, or try your hand at this poetry practice during the month of April.

President Ed Schrader visits the North Atlanta campus

Students, staff and administrators gather food from a buffet line and eat at tables, socializing at the North Atlanta campus

At least once a year, Brenau President Ed Schrader visits each of Brenau’s campuses in Norcross, Fairburn, Augusta and Jacksonville. Tuesday, March 20, marked the annual visit of Schrader, Executive Vice President David Barnett and Provost Jim Eck to the North Atlanta/Norcross campus.

According to representatives of the Norcross campus, students and staff enjoyed barbecue and socialized with the visiting administrators in the Student Center, while discussing how to further advance the campus.

Schrader was specifically looking to hear feedback from students regarding all aspects of Brenau University. His annual visit is an opportunity for these students to visit with the president and give him any thoughts on Brenau.