Information about Brenau live streaming

Brenau currently hosts two different live stream channels: one for athletics and one for all other events. You can find both streams in the Brenau mobile app (Apple Store or Google Play) or via the following websites: (athletics) and (events).

Be aware that athletics is regularly streaming volleyball events this fall, including one tonight and another at 11 a.m. Saturday, Sept. 28, and should begin streaming softball in the spring. Hopefully other sports will follow. Recordings of past events are available as well.

A special thanks to Kristoffer Stewart in athletics and Ted Garner in events for making live streaming at Brenau a reality.

Technical note: If your mobile phone’s ringer is silenced, that may cause your videos to be muted. Enabling the ringer should restore the audio.

How to Mail Merge at Brenau

YAMM logo

Many departments have asked if there is a way to maintain a department newsletters without resorting to paid outside services. The answer is a resounding YES.

Brenau licenses a tool called Yet Another Mail Merge, or YAMM, which allows you maintain a list of email addresses, names, etc., and then send those users customized emails, including tracking so you can see who is opening the emails. If you’d like to learn more about this tool and how it is used, please click this link, which will take you to a collection of videos on how to use the service.

Please try it before looking at outside resources that strain university budgets.

Chrome Extensions Approval Process

Due to the large amount of malware posing as Google Chrome extensions, we now require faculty and staff to do an approval process before they can be added to your Chrome browser. Most of the Google Chrome extensions you might need should already be on the approved list.

Already approved extensions include Virtru, Google Drive, Zoom Scheduler and other ones that are used regularly at Brenau.

If you find an extension is missing and you need it added to the list, you can request it at

Upgrades for Windows 7 Users

Faculty and staff will soon receive an email from the IT HelpDesk about Windows 10 upgrades for the people still using Windows 7. Please be sure to read this email, as this will impact many people. Anyone that is using a Brenau computer that still has Windows 7 on it will have their computer upgraded or replaced. Please be sure to read the instructions on how to backup your data.

Instruction on how to backup your data are available at

If you aren’t sure whether you have Windows 7 visit the link below.–or-windows-

Be aware phishing attacks are on the rise

Scammers have stepped up their efforts to trick Brenau faculty and staff into following malicious links or attachments. These attacks are referred to as “phishing,” which Merriam-Webster defines as “a scam by which an Internet user is duped (as by a deceptive e-mail message) into revealing personal or confidential information which the scammer can use illicitly.” Lately, scammers have been reading our website to determine our reporting structures. This helps them target their attacks by sending users an email that pretends to be from a direct supervisor.

When receiving any email, please ask yourself the following questions before clicking on any links:

  • Does the FROM: address (look at the actual email address, not just the display name) end in
  • Is the email from a,, or account but pose as a Brenau user?

Also look for these indicators:

  • Email addresses designed to “look” like real addresses, such as moc.liamg@ude.uanerb.emanresu
  • Suspicious spelling or grammar which hint the sender is not a native English speaker
  • Banners from Google saying things like: “This user is not in your domain” or “email is suspicious”

When in doubt, call the sender on the phone and see if they sent the email to you. Unfortunately these types of attacks do not yet have a technical solution. It is up to each of us to use our critical thinking skills to determine what is real and what isn’t.

Brenau Mobile App Gets a Facelift

screen shot of menu in my brenau appThe Brenau Mobile App has been upgraded to include a more modern appearance and can now access your single sign-on (SSO) applications via the “” link. With SSO capability, the app can now be used to access all Brenau systems, which was a serious limitation of the previous version of the app.

Please let us know if you have additional questions or give us suggestions for new features at ude.uanerb@ksedpleh. You can find the app by searching for “brenau mobile” at either the Apple App Store or Google Play.

Please Keep Technology Items Off of Floors

The recent flooding in the Occupational Therapy department is a reminder of why it is critical to keep all power strips, power bricks, computers, printers and other technology-related items off of the floor. Once these items have been underwater (even partially), they cannot be used again due to the risk of electrocution or fire. Georgia fire code recommends all electrical/electronic items be at least three feet off the floor if at all possible, although even a foot off the ground would be helpful. Thank you for helping to keep us all safe!

New instructional technology devices coming soon

In an effort to stay on the leading edge of classroom instructional technology, in the coming weeks Brenau will be piloting a new device called the MondoPad (by InFocus) on the Gainesville and North Atlanta campuses (exact locations TBD).  The MondoPad combines a high-quality, 55″ touchscreen surface with built-in audio and video technologies allowing it to serve multiple functions without the complexity and cost of a traditional projector-equipped classroom.  If successful, this device may be implemented at each of the campuses to allow high-quality, productive collaboration for local and remote learners. Once installed, we will inform everyone of the locations and we will provide all instructors with training resources on how to use the devices.

View movie about the MonoPad on YouTube

Learn more