Message from the Payroll Office to supervisors

In order to process the payroll in a timely manner and to avoid any missed pay, please ensure that all time cards for hourly employees are correct and approved on Mondays. If you plan on being out of the office and are not able to approve time cards on a Monday, make sure the approvals are processed before.

Reception for Holly Reynolds Thursday, July 18

The accounting office will be hosting a reception in honor of Holly Reynolds at 4 p.m. Thursday, July 18, in Lockett-Mitchell Parlour.

Holly has been with Brenau University since Oct. 2, 2000, and will be greatly missed.

Please join us as we extend our appreciation for her service over the past 19 years.

New Inclement Weather Pay Code in ADP

Attention ADP Supervisors:

We have created a new Pay Code in ADP: Inclement Weather. Please use this code when entering missed time for your employees due to the snow this week.

For this past Wednesday, Jan. 17, please use this code to enter the normal number of hours your employee should have worked that day (ie. full-time = 7.5 hours, part-time would be based on their normal schedule).

For Thursday, Jan. 18, enter up to one hour for inclement weather. However, the total number of hours (inclement + actual hours worked) should not exceed their normal work schedule.

Please contact Angie Graham at ude.uanerb@2maharga with questions.