What is MAP?

MAP, or Medical Advocate Program, is part of the Brenau health insurance plan.

While Brenau members are free to choose the medical providers, MAP provides systems and processes to help members with your medical decisions and outcomes.

The primary goal of MAP is to assist Brenau insurance members find the best health care possible. The second goal of MAP is to lead Brenau members to the best physicians based on health care data with regards to completion rates, mortality rates and cost by procedure. MAP can also guide Brenau members through the medical maze to the most cost-effective facilities.

For example, did you know in Gainesville you can pay $400 or $2,500 for the same MRI? What is the difference? Only the facility where you choose to have your MRI performed. Do you know which facility to go to? Did you know you have a choice?

Why call MAP? To save money, use the best physicians, research medical costs and have your medical questions answered. Call MAP at 1-888-289-0700.

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