Brenau Be Healthy: join DPT students to improve your health

The students and faculty at Brenau Department of Physical Therapy want you to join us for a Spring 2020 semester of direct engagement and interaction toward your goals of being healthy. This opportunity includes you working with a pair of DPT students (with faculty guidance) that will walk with you through your own personal journey towards health. Components of health you will engage in include: move, fuel, recover, endure and connect. You will participate in a detailed health assessment which will be followed by your choice of how you would like to engage in your health journey. The program includes eight sessions held weekly during the spring semester. Your participation will enhance the learning of our students but most importantly may improve your health for years to come!

Only 19 positions are available so don’t delay. Contact Jim Lewis at ude.uanerb@4siwelj to sign up.

Why consider this opportunity?

  • GET HEALTHY: Do you currently deal with any of the following conditions? High Blood Pressure, diabetes, overweight, heart or vascular disease, arthritis or chronic pain, pulmonary disease, autoimmune inflammatory conditions. Maybe you have been diagnosed with one or more of these conditions and you have been told or believe this is permanent or is always going to be a barrier to being or feeling healthy.
  • BE HEALTHY: Do you feel you have lost your edge and vitality; are tired, stressed, unengaged; told or feel you need to be more active or improve your heath, but not sure where to start? Learn more about you and how to engage in or increase activity, nutrition education, handle or reduce stress and improve daily energy as to enjoy your day and others.
  • STAY HEALTHY: Good health isn’t automatic. It takes knowledge, participation, effort, support systems and an encouraging environment. Take advantage of your current healthy state and learn how to keep it going no matter who you are or where you live and play.