Open enrollment for 2020 benefits is open in ADP through Nov. 29

You must actively enroll in all benefits for 2020. No benefits from 2019 will roll over into the new plan. During enrollment you can:

  • Add or opt out of health plan coverage
  • Choose your new plan option
  • Enroll eligible family members in your plans
  • Add, drop or change the level of your insurance coverage
  • Enroll or re-enroll in a consumer Health Savings Account (HSA) OR Flexible Spending Account (FSA) to pay for day care or health expenses with pre-tax dollars

Please review your options and costs carefully. You can make any changes you like at home or at work until the end of the enrollment period, which is Nov. 29. Once the enrollment period has ended, your choices will be final until the next enrollment period or until you have a qualifying life event.

Health Savings Account (HSA):
This benefit will not automatically renew, so you must actively enroll for 2020. If you have an HSA and will soon be eligible for Medicare, it is important to understand how enrolling in Medicare will affect your HSA. If you enroll in Medicare Part A and/or Part B, you can no longer contribute pre-tax dollars to your HSA.
Brenau’s Contribution to your HSA (available only if High Deductible Health Plan is elected):
Individual: $600/ Family: $1200
In order to get the Brenau contribution, you must also contribute, (even if it is only a penny per pay period).

Flexible Spending Account (FSA):
This benefit will not automatically renew, so you must actively enroll for 2020.

Life Insurance:
You may elect life insurance in any $10,000 increment. Coverage is subject to a minimum of $10,000 and an overall maximum of $500,000.
Life Insurance Guarantee Issue Amount:
Employee Voluntary Life: $150,000 approved (without having to do medical paperwork)
Spouse Voluntary Life: $30,000 approved (without having to do medical paperwork)

Life Insurance Age Reduction Limit:

  • At age 70, benefits will reduce by 35% of the original amount
  • At age 75, benefits will reduce by 55% of the original amount

Wellness Program:
Brenau’s Wellness Program is designed to support healthy behavior in the workplace and to improve health outcomes. The program includes activities during the year which relate to being “healthy,” whether it be physical, mental, financial, social or emotional health. Employees receive points for each activity in which they participate. Points are added to the Activity Tracker, maintained by HR. At the end of the calendar year, names will be drawn from those who have accumulated Activity Tracker points; the more points you accumulate, the greater chance you have of winning gift card prizes.

Click here to view the open enrollment presentation, and for the dental benefit summaries PDF click here, and for the vision benefit summaries click here. Medical Benefit Summaries are still being produced by EBMS. They will be sent in Update when available. Deductibles will show in ADP by clicking on the option for view plan comparison.

Should you have questions, please contact Kelley Maddox at ude.uanerb@xoddamk or Hannah Ivester at ude.uanerb@1elooph.