Phi Kappa Phi initiates new members Sept. 26

Join us in congratulating our administrators, faculty, professional staff and students who will be inducted into Phi Kappa Phi, the nation’s oldest and most selective honor society for all academic disciplines, on Thursday, Sept. 26. Please join us for the initiation ceremony at 6 p.m. in the Downtown Center’s Theatre on the Square.

The purpose of Phi Kappa Phi is to celebrate excellence in academics and integrity of character. Membership recognizes distinguished performance in study, research or leadership, sustained over a period of years, marking the transition from accomplished work of high merit to continued exceptional attainment.

Inductees are Petra Abram, Adelaide Asher, Brandon Ashley, Hailey Ballard, Shana Bassett, Bethanne Black, Rebecca Bloomingdale, Anna Bobo, Jessica Brannam, Nicole Brokaw, Dorothy Buffington, Amanda Buono, Lauren Cadd, Sophia Casey, Savannah Cathers, Jacquelyn Christoph, Sara Clarke, Mirely Colon, Mary Cooper, Kelley Cox, Brittany Dean, Denise Diessner, Darra Edwards, Kylie Ellington, Kathy Elliott, Kathryn Franks, Tiffany Freeman, Megan Gibson, Vanessa Gobin, Kaylee Harter, Matthew Hellier, Delana Hill, Toby Hinton, Christina Hogg, Aieya Jean-Francois, Judy Joffrion-Starks, Mary Johnson, Melinda Johnson, Brenda Jones, Autumn Jordan, Julie Keena, Courtney Kinnison, Hope Lam, Heather Lamb, Mary Lekeaka, Dawn Lettau, Yuxi (Emmy) Liu, Dori McMillan, Molly Miller, Dorothy Janice Milligan, Harold Mitchell, Caroline Moore, Mackenzie Mullan, Kayla Mullen, Shenandoah Munoz, Lakeisha Pattillo, Melissa Paquin, Barbara Paxton, Lauren Rathmann, Aziza Rodriguez, Madison Romeo, Andi Savage, Ashley Sciandra, Sharon Shelton, Matthew Skahill, Anne Skleder, Denise Smith, Kay Smith, Meagan Standridge, Weslie Steele, Ashton Stockdale, Chrystal Strickland Ball, Tyler Sullivan, Wenjun Wang, Pamela Workman, Eryn Wyatt, Ying Xu and Emily Zank.