Fundraising in a Snap!

The External Relations Department in launching a new way to fundraise with the platform Snap!

Snap! allows groups, teams, clubs and departments to fundraise in an effective, crowdsourcing way that plays to each group’s unique audience of supporters.

It’s similar to GoFundMe, except there are no fees taken from the donation. It can be used for small campaigns, such as new uniforms for a team, to larger campaigns, like funding a new position or scholarship. You set the time frame and goal amount.

Because the campaigns are so specific, you will drive the campaign in terms of getting the information out there and crowdsourcing. Some of the campaigns will be featured on various Brenau “official” social media pages, but it is up to you to make sure your campaign is a success.

Know someone who wants to donate to Brenau, but doesn’t know to what? Send them to the landing page for all our campaigns. There they will get to choose what is important to them by seeing all active campaigns!

To set up a campaign, please email Assistant Director of Development Tiffany Greene at ude.uanerb@4eneergt.

To see our first campaign, go to