New program Brenau Be Healthy launched

Do you need to be more active or improve your heath but aren’t sure where to start? Maybe you have been diagnosed with a condition you fear will always be a barrier to being or feeling healthy. Did you know that you hold the key to improving your health, allowing you to live a healthy and productive life?

The Brenau Wellness Committee would like to introduce you to Brenau Be Healthy, an ongoing program to get you engaged in healthy habits. Starting with an opportunity for an on-site breakfast or lunch ‘n learn talk to your school, department or division, you can learn more about your options to get, be or stay healthy.

Learn more about how you can control your options to becoming healthy once again, how to engage in or increase activity, understand and improve nutrition options, handle or reduce stress and improve daily energy.

Good health isn’t automatic; it takes knowledge, participation, effort, support systems and an encouraging environment. If you are in good health, take advantage of your current healthy state and learn how to keep it going no matter who you are or where you live and play.

Contact Jim Lewis at ude.uanerb@4siwelj to schedule Brenau Be Healthy for your group this semester.