New Gainesville Chautauqua: Andrew Jackson Aug. 13

The Northeast Georgia History Center presents its next New Gainesville Chautauqua series performance at 7 p.m., Tuesday, Aug. 13. This presentation will follow the life of President Andrew Jackson, portrayed by Ken Johnston.

Andrew Jackson, the man perceived in the popular imagination as being almost single-handedly responsible for the Indian Removal Act and the resultant Trail of Tears. Jackson could be ambivalent regarding Native Americans, treating the Red Stick Creek as enemies at Horseshoe Bend, while the Cherokee and Choctaw as allies at Horseshoe Bend and New Orleans, respectively. Whether Jackson viewed Indian Nations as enemies or allies, though, his first and overriding priority was white settlement and expansion; and as Jackson saw it the Nations had best accommodate Removal for their own good – regardless of how the Native American Nations themselves saw it.

Tickets are $6 for non-members, free for members, and may be purchased at the door with cash or card. For more information, call 770-297-5900 or visit