A Note of Farewell from Dr. Jenene Craig

Jenene CraigHave you heard the phrase: “Sometimes when you least expect it, good things happen”? Well, in my case, it’s both good and admittedly also sad. The sad part is that I am leaving Brenau and the many friends I have established here.

After 11 years, I reflect on when our OT program was in the “little pink building” on main campus. That building, the proximity of our faculty offices to one another and the proximity we had with our students is what forged so many of my friendships. I have been able to experience the remarkable growth process from that small space and one OT program, into the new space at Brenau East and two programs, and then to the state where we are today with two campus locations, three MSOT programs and a PPOTD program. Wow, what a treasure to have been a part of that journey! Thank you to so many of you, both in the OT program and from other programs, for your partnership in education, your mentoring along the way and, most importantly, for your friendship.

In leaving Brenau, I take with me 11 years of time well-spent, knowledge gained and memories of amazing colleagues, students and alumni. Tuesday, Aug. 13 will be my last official day at Brenau, and I wanted to express my sense of gratitude for this amazing place and for your influence on me and to make sure that our contact does not end here. I will remain local and would love to stay in contact. My new email address is moc.liamg@giarceneneJ.

My experience has been immeasurable. Thank you!