Brenau OT alumna shares international experience in Japan

Shannon Casola, a 2011 graduate of Brenau’s School of Occupational Therapy, visited with OT students, faculty and staff on July 31 to discuss her unique career in Okinawa, Japan. As the daughter of missionaries, Casola experienced multiple cultures during her childhood summers that later fueled her interest for international work.

After graduation from Brenau, she gained experience on American soil working in a variety of settings, including school systems and pediatric inpatient rehabilitation.

When she got the chance to move to Japan and serve as an occupational therapist, Casola and her son took it without question. Two years have passed and she now serves pediatric clients on the American military installation in Okinawa. Her primary focus is early intervention with children from birth to age 3, as well as some early intervention in the school system. While the majority of clients are the children of Marines, all branches are represented on the island.

She shared with the students that she has recently extended her contract to remain in Japan for two more years and encouraged them to “look beyond the challenge or the disability to the hope, because that’s what you’re going to bring.”

The Brenau School of Occupational Therapy is so thankful for Casola’s visit and are extremely proud of her accomplishments.