Do you want to help new students learn about resources at Brenau?

As you may have heard, Brenau is rolling out many exciting changes fall 2019.

One of those is a new approach to the First Year Seminar program. A new lab course, AS 115 – Resources for College Success, has been created specifically to address the needs of first-year students. This one credit hour, lab style course, will work to supplement the three credit, First Year Experience (FYE) course, and will be required of all Women’s College and Gainesville undergraduate students with less than 24 credit hours.

AS 115 will be taught each Friday in the fall from 12:30 p.m.–1:50 p.m. Class sizes will be small to allow for the formation of a natural support group. Throughout the semester, AS 115 students will be introduced to the various resources available at Brenau to assist their success and will be encouraged to participate in activities and programs that reinforce learning outside of the classroom. This class is intended to be informative and fun.

We are looking for faculty/staff who are interested in becoming involved with AS 115. If you are interested in making a difference, email Amanda Lammers at ude.uanerb@sremmala by June 5. Please include your qualifications and why you are interested in being much more than a lab instructor.

Criteria for consideration include:

  • Must hold a master’s degree in related field
  • Full-time faculty/staff member with at least one year of experience at Brenau’s Gainesville campus.
  • Experience dealing with entry level students and their concerns/needs.
  • Ability to participate in training and orientation sessions with other AS 115 instructors and peer assistants (some of which will occur outside of the nine month contract dates).
  • Familiarity with Gainesville campus services and resources and knowledge of opportunities for student development.
  • Willingness to periodically attend out of class campus events, programs and activities with students in fall semester and have visible presence on campus.
  • Readiness to mentor a small group of students, both in and out of the class environment, to ensure a positive first year transition to college.
  • Demonstrate ability to model and teach life and academic success strategies (effective time management, problem solving skills, stress management, inclusion/diversity, effective communication, positive self-care, etc.).
  • A genuine commitment to work with first-year students and their multifaceted needs.