Don’t steal images from the internet

Just because you can download a photo from the internet doesn’t mean you should.

Sure, a quick Google search, “right click” and “save as” is easy. However, copying images from the web without permission to use in your marketing or event promotions, including here on Update, is illegal and puts you, your colleagues and the university at risk of a lawsuit.

That means that “free” photo you pulled from the web could end up costing thousands of dollars.

Photographers, for the most part, own the rights to the work they share online, and when you take their photos without permission, you are stealing.

With so many options for finding free photos and images online, this should be easy to avoid.

Below are some helpful links, including a list of free and paid stock photo websites. Always remember to check credit information before using images from these sites.

How to search for free-use photos on Google

Fair use in the classroom


Free stock image sites:

Wikimedia Commons

Creative Commons




Paid sites:

Stock Unlimited