Gainesville Rugby Club’s first game of the season

Gainesville Rugby Club crestCome watch the Gainesville Spartans — your local rugby club — play the first game of their season at 1 p.m. this Saturday, Feb. 2, and cheer them to victory over Columbus!

The match will be on the lower track field at the North Hall Community Center, located at 4175 Nopone Road in Gainesville. Never watched a rugby match before? You won’t be alone! Rugby combines the gripping physicality of American football, the nonstop, fast-paced action of soccer and the short shorts of 1970s basketball (you know the ones). While it’s a thrilling sport to watch, it may be just as entertaining theorizing how the game works, what the rules might be, and how to know whether or not your team is doing well (and sharing these theories with other spectators).

So bring a folding chair (and a blanket) to the track field of the North Hall Community Center this Saturday and cheer on your Spartans!