New Address for Online Orders

Beginning immediately, when ordering items from online sites, please supply a delivery address of:

Your Name/Dept.
Brenau University
102 Prior St., SE
Gainesville, GA 30501-3447

Amazon and several other online retail sites have changed their shipping practices and are using independent contractors for their deliveries. These contractors will deliver anything addressed to 500 Washington St. to the Wheler House, not to the Campus Post Office. They will NOT re-direct your package to the Campus Post Office. These drivers are dropping items off, day and night, with no regard to the security of your packages.

If you are requesting deliveries from companies that have their own delivery service or contract with a trucking company or UPS or FedEx for deliveries, and your office is in a “stand-alone” location with a recognized street address, you may have shipments directed to your individual office address. If however, your office is located inside another campus building, it will likely not be possible to deliver directly to your office and you should use the address above. Please email ude.uanerb@yeldemsv if you have questions about your office address.

If you request a delivery and use the 500 Washington St. address as the “Ship to” address, your deliveries will go to Admissions and most shippers will NOT re-route your item(s). Please be careful and thoughtful about the address you use for shipments/deliveries … we can no longer just default to 500 Washington Street, though this will remain as the official address for the University.

Thank you for your assistance, and please contact me with any questions!

Vern Smedley
Campus Post Office Manager