Clarification of Paymerang Direct Deposits

We’ve received several questions related to Paymerang so we wanted to clarify a couple of points:

Employees are NOT required to sign-up for direct deposit of expense reimbursements. You may choose to continue having reimbursements paid by check, in which case a check will be mailed by Paymerang to your home address. If you receive an email from Paymerang and you do not respond, you will receive a check by default.

Also, the only people who would have received an email from Paymerang so far are employees who have received more than two expense reimbursements in the past year. Do not be concerned if you have not received any email from them. They should contact you the next time you submit an expense report for reimbursement.

Let Toby Hinton know if you have any further questions by emailing ude.uanerb@notniht.