History Center Forum on General Longstreet Tuesday, May 8

Join the Northeast Georgia History Center for “Forum: General James Longstreet During the Civil War” as Tom Rasmussen, representing the Longstreet Society, portrays General Longstreet.

Rasmussen’s presentation will focus on Longstreet’s military and personal life before his move to Gainesville in 1867. He will also examine why Longstreet was heavily blamed for the Confederacy’s defeat and how recent scholarship has corrected the historical record.

The forum will begin at 7 p.m. Admission is free for members and $3 for nonmembers. History Center forums are scheduled through June on the second Tuesday of each month.

For more information on these events, call 770-297-5900, email ude.uanerb@retnecyrotsih, or visit negahc.org.