Payroll Procedures related to Time and Attendance

All hourly employees are required to work their standard hours each week. Brenau University policy, FSG 4-03, states that you cannot take unpaid time off without prior approval from the Executive VP/CFO and then only for unforeseen emergencies. Likewise, hours worked over the employee’s standard work week regardless of whether or not it results in overtime pay must be approved in advance by the Executive VP/CFO.

It is the responsibility of the employee and the supervisor approving the time card to ensure that the time card is accurate prior to approval. The Payroll Office will process the employee’s payroll reflecting the time submitted and approved. Therefore, moving forward, the following procedures will be implemented:

  • Employees who have not met their standard hours for the pay period will have vacation time charged to bring them up to the standard hours. If no vacation time is available, the unpaid time will be reported to the Human Resources and Executive VP/CFO.
  • Employees who have wellness and/or vacation time on their time card that puts them over the standard hours for the week will have their wellness and/or vacation time adjusted to bring them down to the standard hours. Please make adjustments to your vacation and wellness time in advance of time card approval.
  • Employees who have not received prior approval for hours above their standard hours will be reported to Human Resources and Executive VP/CFO.
  • Employees who participate or volunteer for a Brenau sponsored event that includes lunch should work with their supervisors to ensure that 1 hour is deducted to account for the lunch hour. These events include but are not limited to the Who Dunnit Savanger Hunt and the Faculty/Staff Awards & Luncheon/Picnic.
  • Employees who participate in a Brenau sponsored event that does not include lunch should remain on the clock.

Questions can be directed to the Angie Graham at ude.uanerb@2maharga or Holly Reynolds at ude.uanerb@sdlonyerh.