Fairburn Campus Director Wins Forever Gold Award

Fairburn Campus Director Russell Willis received this year’s Forever Gold Award, presented to AGS staff members who set the gold standard in service and dedication to Brenau.

Here are some examples of Willis’ excellence noted by his coworkers:

  • He has created a family culture on the Fairburn campus. His office door remains open, and it is common for professors, custodians, support staff, students and Helix staff to seek him out for support and advice. We are fortunate to have a leader who is consistently available and committed to this campus. The respect and admiration he has for the campus and his people is genuine; it reinforces our commitment to Brenau University because we feel extremely appreciated by him as our campus director.
  • He throws a birthday celebration for everyone who works in the building regardless of their office. When his budget was cut, he supplemented the celebrations from his own pocket.
  • When the City of Fairburn needs to show dignitaries around town or the campus, city officials call him to be an ambassador, and he willingly agrees to assist them.
  • When the College of Business could not find anyone to come to our campus to teach BA 500, he taught it on multiple occasions without hesitation.
  • He has no problem proctoring make-up exams for professors who cannot be present.
  • When security officers need to take days off and the company cannot find coverage, he volunteers to cover the shift without pay.
  • Finally, Willis is a behind-the-scenes networker for students and graduates, willing to make a phone call to his extensive network to assist our alumni with employment opportunities.

These are just a few examples of Willis going above the scope of his job description. He does not crave the limelight or ask for special recognition, but he certainly deserves it. He loves his job, and we are grateful to have him as a campus leader and representative of Brenau University.

One Reply to “Fairburn Campus Director Wins Forever Gold Award”

  1. As a Fairburn employee allow me to heartily endorse this completely deserved award. Russell is, quite simply, the best. He is a pleasure to work with and unfailingly trustworthy. I don’t know anyone who has a single thing against him. He is everyone’s friend. He is also a hard worker and gives above and beyond the call to make sure Brenau — and especially the Fairburn campus — benefits as much as possible from his efforts. He’s also an amazing chef (as we’ve had ample opportunities to attest to!) and the man grows beautiful orchids. He is a Jack of all trades and a man for all seasons. Congratulations, Russell! It has been an honor and privilege to serve with you these past five years!!

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