Staff Chat: Brenau Security Officer Eddie Harwell

Security Officer Edwin Harwell (AJ Reynolds/Brenau University)

Eddie Harwell is a familiar face on the Brenau campus. You can find him patrolling the historic campus or monitoring some of the many events taking place after hours at the Downtown Center.

Originally from Clermont, Harwell has lived in Georgia for most of his life. He is a father to two grown children, one living in Tilatoba, Mississippi, and the other in Gainesville, Georgia. The rest of his family lives nearby, including three grandchildren, one great-granddaughter and another great-grandchild on the way.

Prior to working at Brenau, Harwell was the Director of Security at Northeast Georgia Medical Center for over 19 years. He had recently retired when he was made aware of a temporary position available at Brenau during the 1996 Olympics. He had been hired to work only two weeks during the height of the Olympic events, but after the crowds went home, the university asked him to stay on.

In addition to patrolling campus, Harwell investigates accidents, follows up on the rare reports of disturbances, locks and unlocks doors, and is trained in a variety of emergency procedures.

“I enjoy the satisfaction of doing a job well,” he said. “As a security officer I am responsible for the safety of a lot of people on campus. The faculty and staff at Brenau are great. The students are mature and we have very few disturbance calls here.”

In his personal life, Harwell likes to take his motorcycle on long weekend trips to the mountains where he enjoys hiking and camping. He lives in Gainesville with his black cat, Smudge.