Training and Professional Development Submission Form

All professional training should be documented and maintained in your Brenau personnel file. The VPAA Office has created a new Formstack form to be used to simplify the submission process. Faculty and staff are encouraged to self-identify professional training or workshops attended throughout the year by using this form. In addition, the form allows you to upload your supporting documentation (certificate or proof of attendance). The “Training and Professional Development Submission Form” can be found in your ADP employee portal by following this path: ADP > Resources > Forms Library.

Training may include professional seminars or courses that you have attended conferences, webinars and professional licensing requirements, (apart from those required trainings and meetings held by Brenau University).

The HR office will continue to record university sponsored required trainings from attendance rosters. Therefore, you would not include Canvas 20 and Canvas 21 (CV 20/CV 21), Canvas Refresher, Zoom courses, Brenau Lunch and Learn events, Drug-Free Workplace, FERPA, Safety, Title IX, IT training, etc. trainings.

Employees identified as an administrator, faculty or staff member with the Florida Department of Education are required to complete eight (8) clock hours of training each calendar year (Jan. 1 – Dec. 31). Those of you who fall into this category will be notified by Alecia Webb.

Should you wish to review your own training record, you may do so by following this path: ADP > Myself > Personal Information > Talent Profile > Training.

Questions should be directed to Human Resources at 770-534-6758 or VPAA at 770-534-6215.