Ted Garner to Present at Organizational Studies Conference in Germany

Ted Garner, director of Brenau Media Services, was invited this past July to present a paper about his current research on issues faced by non-governmental organizations, or NGOs, at the Organizational Studies Conference in Konstanz, Germany, March 15-17. His session, “Unheard Voices,” is scheduled for the morning of Friday, March 16, at the University of Konstanz.

Garner’s research focuses on how NGOs that support Hispanic refugees to the U.S. encounter language and cultural barriers with the people they seek to aid. He will address how administrators of aid, local Hispanic community leaders and the U.S.-educated children of Hispanic refugees are affected by these barriers, and present two theoretical frameworks of policies and practices to overcome such obstacles.

The Special Focus of the conference for 2018 is “Navigating Change in Shifting Cultural Landscapes: Disruptive, Generative, Transformative?” To learn more about the conference, visit http://organization-studies.com/2018-conference.