Place Your Valentine’s Day Bake Sale Orders Now

The Staff Development Committee would like to remind everyone to place their orders for Valentine’s Day Trays by Friday, Feb. 9.

This year, not only will we be offering a few low carb/ low sugar and gluten free treats on the trays (we don’t guarantee low calorie), but we will also be expanding our delivery area to the Norcross campus.

Have a coworker who always goes the extra mile? Want to do something sweet for your staff? Do you want to give your sweetheart at home a variety home-baked treats instead of a standard box of chocolates? The Staff Development Committee is here to help, and will do the baking for you!

We are offering small, medium and large trays. Small trays are $6 and are good for an individual or 2-3 people. Medium trays are $12 and will serve up to 10 people. Large trays are $24. They are twice the size for medium trays and should serve up to 20 people.

Place your order using the form provided at or contact Kelly Peters at ude.uanerb@1sretepk if you have any questions.