Improved Update Emails: Rollout, Dec. 1

On Friday, Dec. 1, you will begin to notice changes to Update that we hope will make it easier to use.

Currently, there are two email schedules for Update posts: daily and weekly. To reduce confusion and to better inform the Brenau community, we are eliminating the weekly digest and focusing on better, daily emails for everyone. These daily emails will be more concise than the weekly emails, having fewer items and saving you time as you read your Update items.

“The new, streamlined Update emails should be less confusing for everyone. A lot of people don’t realize there is a daily option,” said Michael McPeek, long-time Update nerd. “People are getting word about events after they’ve happened. This should make life easier for them and for people scheduling events and trying to get the word out. We’re also going to try and make it a little prettier.”