Updated Parental Leave Policy, effective 9/1/2017

This new PARENTAL LEAVE policy which will be added to the FSG effective 9/1/2017.

Brenau University is a family-friendly employer and wishes to promote parental bonding with new children whenever practical through parental leave. Parental leave that is approved is available for up to a maximum of twelve (12) weeks. This policy does not mandate the full use of the parental leave available to employees nor obligate the University to approve all parental leave requests. This leave may be granted if reasonable notice is provided to the university and an appropriate temporary, substitute employee for the requested period of time can be secured. Supervisors may contact the Office of Human Resources to discuss temporary assistance during the absence of the Brenau employee when considering leave requests.


Employees classified as half-time or more who have been employed by Brenau University for a minimum of twelve (12) continuous months are eligible to apply Parental leave for the birth or adoption of a child. In the case of adoption, the child must:

  1. Reside in the same residence as the employee,
  2. Have been a legal member of the family for six months or less, and
  3. Be sixteen (16) years of age or less at the time of the adoption.


  1. Each employee may be granted one (1) parental leave benefit during his/her tenure with the University.
  2. If both parents work for the University, each parent’s application stands alone. Therefore, both parents can request leave, but each must apply separately and approval must be granted separately.
  3. Approved parental leave will not exceed 12 weeks. In the cases of serious medical conditions of the mother or child additional, accrued wellness leave may be requested after the completion of the parental leave. Parental leave and disability leave (often associated with FMLA absences with the birth of a child) run concurrently.
  4. University holidays that fall within approved periods of parental leave run concurrent with the parental leave. Any holiday which falls within the leave period will not extend the maximum allowable twelve (12) weeks.
  5. Parental leave must begin on the date of the child’s birth or adoption and cannot be reserved for use at a later time.
  6. Employees may be asked to submit a doctor’s statement with detailed information at any time in addition to completing the request to use paternity leave form.
  7. Faculty requesting parental leave will not be responsible for their instructional work load during the leave period.

Payroll Implications:

  1. During the scheduled parental leave, the employee will be paid at 70% of their regular base earnings. After returning to work for two consecutive weeks, the employee is eligible to be paid the previously withheld 30% of base earnings. Should the employee not return to work after the approved leave period ends, the previously withheld 30% of earnings will be forfeited. Holidays falling within the leave period will also be paid at the reduced rate with the balance being paid after the return to work for the two-week obligation.
  2. Employees must gain approval of Parental leave 60 days in advance of the leave and submit time records to the Payroll Office before leaving campus to ensure pay is not interrupted.