2017 Physical Therapy Cohort Completes 3-Year Cycle for ‘Full’ Program

When the 40 members of the new physical therapy cohort settled in for the first week of classes, they helped mark two important milestones for the three-year-old doctoral degree program.

First, their presence means the program based at Brenau Downtown Center in Gainesville now operates at its full capacity of 120 students.

Second, if all goes according to plan, when they complete their first year they will have helped the Doctor of Physical Therapy program demonstrate to accrediting and licensing authorities that the university did what it said it was going to do: build and maintain a top-quality health care enterprise that is fully capable of preparing a steady stream of well-educated, much-in-demand professionals who can function at the highest levels in their field.

“The arrival of this cohort means that we are at the end-game in the accreditation process,” said Dr. Kathye Light, the chair of the physical therapy department who built the program from scratch in the past five years. “And all of our candidates represent the best and the brightest young professionals in the field and will represent Brenau well this year as we receive accrediting agency teams on campus in coming months that are doing their final evaluations of our program.”

Since the beginning of the program, each cohort attracted hundreds of applicants from around the United States for the 40 slots available for each year’s class.

Each class has increased in diversity, reaching a wider net of students. This year 33 percent of the 2020 cohort is made up of minority groups, the highest percentage yet for the program. About 65 percent of the cohort is male, while the class of 2019 cohort is 22 percent male. Additionally, the new cohort has four military veterans and a wider range of student ages.

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