Associate Professor Von Pouncey Gives Employment Advice to WalletHub

Von Pouncey

Brenau Associate Professor of Business Administration Von Pouncey was recently quoted in a WalletHub piece titled “2017’s Best Places for Summer Jobs.”

The article, which can be found at, has three major sections: main findings, methodology and ask the experts.

Pouncey, coordinator of business programs on the Augusta campus, was one of seven experts from universities across the United States who gave advice about landing a full-time or part-time summer job. She suggested the best wording to use on an application to communicate skill, and she advised applicants to know what value they can add to an organization, to be persistent and to follow up. She addressed common mistakes and encouraged young people to view employment in a summer job as “a chance.”

“You applied for the summer job/internship and you got it,” she said. “Granted, it may not turn out to be all that you imagined, but many things are not. Welcome to the real world of becoming an adult. Take pride in the accomplishment of going after a goal and achieving it. As an adult, that may not happen as often as you would like.”