Barbara Steinhaus Leads Webinar for Arts in Health

Brenau’s own Barbara Steinhaus, chair of the Department of Music, led a webinar Wednesday, April 26, called Charting a Path Forward for Arts for Health Florida.

Steinhaus is a board member of the National Organization for Arts in Health, which works to promote the incorporation of the arts as an appropriate, integral component of health care. Her educational presentation shared the current and future initiatives NOAH is building to enhance the work of arts in health across the country.

“I am used to dealing with live audiences, so speaking with absolutely no feedback was very surreal,” said Steinhaus. “I have not listened to it yet, but as a performer, I am going to be very critical and definitely look forward to practicing and becoming more smooth in delivery.”

For years Steinhaus has worked to combine the arts and health care. She has offered music therapy at Northeast Georgia Medical Center, where she sings for patients. Read more and watch a video in the Brenau Window┬ástory “Healing Arts.”

Arts for Health Florida is a statewide association for healthcare professionals, artists, caregivers and anyone interested in fusing the benefits of arts in health care.

For more information please contact Barbara Steinhaus at ude.uanerb@suahnietsb.