Brenau Research Symposium Discussed Topics in all Four Colleges

Brenau’s sixth annual Research Symposium was Friday in the Brenau Downtown Center and included 114 undergraduate, graduate and faculty participants who presented on 43 unique submitted abstracts.

The Research Symposium began with a roundtable discussion featuring professors from each of the four colleges at Brenau: Dr. Irma Alvarado is the professor of the School of Occupational Therapy, College of Health Sciences (Gainesville campus); Kenneth K. Frank is the director and professor of conflict resolution and legal studies, College of Fine Arts and Humanities (Gainesville campus); Dr. Janet Grier is an assistant professor of education, College of Education (Fairburn campus); and Dr. James Sennett is the professor of business ethics and the coordinator of business programs, College of Business and Mass Communications (Fairburn campus). They discussed the issue of “Free Speech Versus Safe Space” drawing on their experiences and research.

Research topics included comparisons of education systems in different countries, business ethics, gender sciences, environmentalism, childhood emotional and social development, politics and techniques in physical therapy.

“The symposium is a forum for presenting and discussing the wide variety of research being conducted by the students and faculty at Brenau, from looking at the microcosm of Brenau and Women’s Colleges to environmental issues which impact the entire globe, and a wide range of topics in between,” said Kelly Peters, dean’s assistant for the College of Health Sciences.