New Work Order System Goes Live Thursday

Aramark Brenau Facilities is happy to announce the launch of a new work order system going live Thursday, Dec 1. After that point you will not be able to place a facilities work order through the university’s JitBit system used by IT. Instead JitBit will display a link to the facilities work order system, which is a separate system available at

When submitting a ticket, please note the following:

  • Please include all relevant information in your request, such as room number, issue and the date of move, if moving.
  • Include your contact email (you will be prompted for this).
  • Any setup requests must be submitted through Brenau Event Services two weeks in advance. If you are not already working with Danielle Miller, ude.uanerb@edefidd or Vicki Wineland, ude.uanerb@1dnaleniwv on the event, please email ude.uanerb@secivrestneve or call 770-534-8420 to properly schedule the event and someone will submit the work order.

Please see the Quick Guide for more information. Thank you, and we look forward to continuing to support your needs.