Interdepartmental Collaboration is Highlight of Simulation Exercise for Nursing, Psychology and Theatre Programs

Students and faculty in nursing, psychology and theatre participated in a weekend-long class Oct. 29-30, which allowed nursing students to experience a “real-life” scenario involving a Brazilian family whose loved one dies while in hospice care.

Students gathered around simulator in hospital bed.

Taking place in the Nursing Simulation lab, a high-fidelity mannequin portrayed the dying, elderly Brazilian patient. Participating theatre students Marc Anthony Toro, Brissa Lopez and Marie Wasinger, along with psychology students including Nadya Clontz, Karla Alejos and Kaiya Walker, acted the parts of the elderly woman’s relatives, responding in various ways to seeing their relative die and then being prepared for the aftermath of the death.

Graduate students in psychology provided a debriefing sessions with all of the nursing students after the experience, plus additional counseling as needed. The Behavioral Analysis Club was instrumental in providing an orderly flow of the various teams from one place to the next.

This interdepartmental event was a success, with students, faculty and volunteers responding positively to the experience. Based on the success of this event, there are plans to repeat it in the spring semester.

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  1. We made an error in a name for an undergraduate student who was an actor in this event. Thank you to Lauren Burke for a wonderful job acting as a family member. The team of students/actors were amazing!

    Thank you to all who assisted with this program. It could not have been successful without all of the assistance from Nursing, Psychology and Theater.

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