GTA Repertory Company Showcase Sunday, Oct. 16

gta-rep-co-photo-2016The Gainesville Theatre Alliance Repertory Company will launch its touring season with a showcase of its works at 7 p.m. on Oct. 16 in the Ed Cabell Theatre on the University of North Georgia campus in Oawkood.

Participants Laura Fong, Zach Ivins, Marcello Audino, Chris Hallows and Lauren Whitaker will perform two plays throughout Northeast Georgia with Sara Pekrul serving as stage and company manager.

Earth, Sea, and Sky, written by Gay Hammond and directed by Ann Demling, is targeted to younger school audiences. It tells why we never see the sun and moon together in the sky, with an emphasis on the power of stories. The second story in the play focuses on how the animals of the world solve a great problem.

Oedipus Rex, adapted from Ellen McLaughlin’s version of the classic Greek tragedy by Sophocles, is directed by Elisa Carlson. It tells the story of how human error and pride can wreak terrible destruction but also engender great wisdom.

Admission is free and the two plays run under an hour each.