Help Get the Word Out – Beyond the Talking Points

To help generate the best possible attendance for the Oct. 25 Ivester series program “Beyond the Talking Points” that focuses on the 2016 presidential election, the Office of Communications & Public has prepared posters, handbills, table tents and other publicity materials for the event.

If you know some businesses or other locations around where you live or hang out that will allow you to display the materials, please call or email Administrator Alison Reeger Cook (ude.uanerb@kooc-regeera or 779-534-6160) of Design Director Michael Lowe (ude.uanerb@ewolm or 770-534-6169). They will arrange to get you the materials you need.

For those at other campuses, like Augusta Director Kelley Spain, who are planning local watching events or group classroom viewings, Michael Lowe will customize – or develop – the materials for you.

The Oct. 25 program will feature Republican pollster and strategist Kristen Soltis Anderson and Democratic organizer and commentator Maria Teresa Kumar. For more details, consult the full program announcement.